Realizado Taller: Desarrollo de capacidades y armonización del buceo científico en Europa

Con la participación de representantes de Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estados Unidos, México y Perú, finalizó el Taller: Desarrollo de capacidades y armonización del buceo científico en Europa.

El trabajo realizado a lo largo de 14 años consecutivos formando instructores y buceadores científicos a través del Comité científico de CMAS Zona América, fortalece de manera importante a nivel mundial, para lograr la profesionalización y el intercambio de aquellos profesionales que utilizan el buceo como herramienta para la investigación científica.

El Comité científico de CMAS Zona América convocó a los instructores de buceo científico y gente de ciencia interesada en esta capacitación.

Coty Zeckua
Directora Comité científico CMAS Zona América
Directora Comisión Biología y conservación CMAS

Workshop: Capacity building and harmonization of scientific diving in Europe

The ocean covers approximately three quarters of the surface of the planet, is linked to numerous economic activities, and directly determines the quality of life of the communities in coastal areas, trickling down to the larger society. The ocean is suffering from immense pressures from human related activities that threaten its delicate ecosystems. Ocean science is essential for better understanding and fostering the exploration of marine resources in a sustainable manner.

The European Union communicates the vital role of science in correlation to the future growth of the Blue Economy. Furthermore, the United Nations proclaimed the decade 2021-2030 as a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, which requires the engagement of many different stakeholders to create new ideas, solutions, partnerships and methods.

Institutions representing both private and public sectors representing Greece, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Malta, joined together in an effort to address the challenge of elevating the need for ocean science two very promising sectors related to the Blue Economy. The sectors are Blue Tech and Scientific Diving, achieved through the implementation of the ScienceDIVER project. The ScienceDIVER project aims to support the development of blue and smart cross-sectoral skills to meet the evolving needs in the labor market of the Blue Economy. ScienceDIVER will establish strong continuous collaboration between academia and industry in order to offer standardized training and clear career pathways to the diving scientists.

The ScienceDIVER project team has organized a unique, virtual online workshop, “Capacity building and harmonization of scientific diving in Europe” to present current findings from the project and discuss the issues concerning scientific diving. The event is structured in three consecutive sessions pointing on current status, challenges and joint pathways of the interconnected aspects of scientific diving.

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During each session, the invited panelists will highlight key issues from one of the three topics and the participants will be able to provide their feedback on the elaboration of a common approach on Scientific Diving in Europe.

You are welcome to participate and share the information with your networks.

The ScienceDIVER team remains at your disposal for any further information you may require:

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